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(Horror; short story)

"You ever feel like everything in the world’s gone wrong? Like you can’t do anything right? Like the world is nothing but a big pile of dog shit, and you’re just a smear in the fecal matter taking up space? That kind of sadness, that sort of despair—that’s what they leave you with once they’ve eaten enough of your soul. From there, it only gets worse."

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Science-fiction thriller

"...a tense and emotion-filled tale that readers will have great difficulty putting down. Personalities are drawn so vividly that they leap from the page to haunt our thoughts long after the story has come to an end." — Lil, Love Romances and More

"Sara Reinke possesses an enviable talent for writing science fiction as if she is writing today’s news, and the reader quickly forgets that this story is set in the future, when space flight is realistic and attainable. No reader is going to be able to put this story down unfinished; Tethers is a stay-up-all-night-till-it’s-over-read, and then start all over again. For action that doesn’t let up, great descriptive setting, and plot and character development that can’t be beat, try Tethers. It’s truly a winning choice." — Frost, Two Lips Reviews

It's time to cut the ties that bind.

Kathryn Emmente must decide who is friend and who is foe when her spaceship explodes under mysterious circumstances. Many among her crew are killed and the rest are left helpless and stranded on a terra-farming colony moon of Jupiter. They have no means of communicating with Earth or even the nearest stellar platform for aid. Kat soon learns that the detonations aboard her ship and the deaths of her fellow crewmates may not have been as accidental or incidental as they first appeared. She begins to suspect that one among the survivors may be operating on a hidden, sinister agenda—and that she and her young daughter may be the next victims.

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A FREE novel-length historical epic (non-romance)

Legends are born, not made...

Echelas was born in fifth-century Sparta, with the golden hair said to herald favor from the gods. However, if his life has been divinely blessed, Echelas would not have believed it. From his brutal childhood in the wilds to an adolescence spent mastering the art of war, Echelas has constantly struggled to prove himself a true son of Sparta. Framed for murder and awaiting the inevitable moment of his execution, Echelas is left dependent on the word of a mad, deposed king to see him vindicated.

From his prison cell, Echelas recounts his life and those who have graced it, including Elara, a young woman heis forbidden to love but who he is helpless to resist. Even as he tells his tale, a new threat is rising in the east. The massive armies of the Persian empire are advancing and they mean to conquer not only Sparta, but the entire Greek world with it. Echelas soon finds himself faced with an even greater challenge as he must join the Greek forces in their valiant, defiant stand against the Persian invasion, taking his place along the front lines and shield walls of one of the most heroic and bloody battles in history.

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A FREE novel-length historical epic (non-romance)

His name has been stricken from any Biblical record, maligned throughout history ― a Roman soldier called Pantera who some allege was the father of Jesus, either through rape or an adulterous liaison with Mary.

A first-century tombstone exists in Bingerbrück, Germany, dedicated to a Roman named Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera, a native of Phoenicia, a neighboring province of Galilee and Judea. What if this man, a centurion and archer, was the Pantera of legends? And what if the legends were true?

In Pantera,Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera ― or Abdes, as he is called ― is a seventeen-year-old soldier undergoing training to join the Seventh Cohort of the Third Gallicauxiliary, stationed just outside of the ancient city of Sepphoris in Galilee. While on leave in the bustling city, Abdes stumbles upon a shocking scene: two Roman soldiers raping a young Jewish woman. Abdes fends them off, but is stabbed in the process and left for dead. When Abdes awakens, he is in the protective custody of the Roman urban cohort, or police force, in Sepphoris. He is told that the young woman had been discovered brutally murdered near his body and that his Roman name ― Pantera ― had been leaked as the culprit. The Jewish citizens of Sepphoris clamor daily for Pantera’s execution. It’s a tremendous strain to the already-weak relationship between the Romans, who govern the city in the stead of King Herod, and the mostly Jewish population.

The urban cohort believes Abdes is innocent, and puts him to work as a scribe. Through his endeavors, he uncovers a conspiracy among some of the leading city officials, Jewish clergy and radical clerics eager for revolution against the Romans. The conspiracy stretches deep, and, as Abdes discovers, even includes Roman officers ― possibly the Prefect of Sepphoris himself.

Along the way, Abdes falls in love with a beautiful prostitute named Salome, and vows to free her from her servitude. He also befriends a young Jewish woman named Maryam and her husband, a local artisan named Yoseph. When Maryam’s son, Yeshua, is born, Abdes learns of a trail of violent, murderous acts undertaken by King Herod in Jerusalem, leading northward to his new friends in Nazareth and tries to save them from certain harm.

All along, his identity as the hated and falsely accused Pantera has been kept a secret, but when it is revealed, it may cost him his life -- if not from the mob determined to overthrow Sepphoris and see him crucified, then from the conspirator within the Roman city cohort itself.

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